Marine Cranes

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Unic Marine Cranes are highly regarded for their smooth, effecient operation. Built using Unic's tough, lightweight hexagonal boom, these marine cranes minimize side sway and shaking while resisting rust and corrosion. Built for the water, all weather-exposed parts and the main body is designed to keep out seawater. In addition the booms, base, wire rope, structrual members and even the smallest screws are zinc-dipped inside and out.


  • URV340J Series

  • Capacity

  • Working Radius

  • Tip Height

  • URV345J

  • 6680 lbs at 7.54 ft

  • Min 1.73 ft to Max 39.69 ft

  • Max 46.01 ft 

  • URV344J

  • 6680 lbs at 8.20 ft

  • Min 1.64 ft to Max 32.18 ft

  • Max 38.46 ft 

  • URV343J

  • 6680 lbs at 8.53 ft

  • Min 1.57 ft to Max 24.63 ft

  • Max 31.24 ft 

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