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Crane Capacity


Maximum Lift Capacity

8000 @ 6.6 feet

Work Radius

Minimum 2.3 feet to 39.4 feet

Boom Length

39.4 feet

Tip Height

50 feet



Boom Design

Five (5) Section box beam telescoping, keel top and bottom with angle indicator.

All Booms Retracted

11.6 feet

Second Stage Extended

18.8 feet

Third Stage Extended Length

26.0 feet

Fourth Stage Extended Length

33.0 feet

Fifth Stage Extended Length

39.4 feet

Boom Extending Speed

28.4 feet / 21 seconds.

Boom Lifting Cylinder Design

Double Acting type with counterbalance valve.

Boom Travel Position

Forward over the truck body.

Boom Raising Speed

1° to 78° / 9 Seconds.



Winch Design

Hydraulic motor driven, spur gear reduction, with automatic mechanical brake.

Single Line Pull

2000 lbs.

Hoisting Speed Single Line

236 feet / minute @ 4th layer.

Hook Speed

59 feet / minute @ 4th layer.

Hook Block

8000 lbs. capacity, 2 sheaves with latch.

Hydraulic Motor

Axial plunger type.

Wire Rope Construction

6 x Fi (29) Grade C

Diameter x Length

5/16 inch x 238 feet.

Breaking Strength

9700 lbs.



Swing Design

Hydraulic motor driven, worm and spur gears reduction, worm self-locking brake.

Swing Range

360° continuous rotation on ball bearing.

Hydraulic Motor

Axial plunger type.

Swing Speed

2.5 rpm.

Outrigger Design

Out & Down Style. Curb manual extends on ball bearings. Street side fixed. Vertical hydraulic jacks down with 90° rotation . Cylinders have pilot-operated check valves. Audible motion alarm is standard.

Retracted Span

7.20 feet

Extended Span

10.54 feet



Hydraulic System

Multiple control valves, spring centered spool type, with pressure relief valve.

Pressure Relief

2500 psi.

Oil Reservoir

To be furnished by Installing agency.

Recommended Oil Strainer

100 micron wire mesh.

Return Filter

10 micron replaceable type.

Recommended Hydraulic Pump

2500 psi @ 14.8 gallons / minute.

Recommended Hydraulic Oil

ISO VG 46 for temps above 32 F, ISO VG 22 below 32F




3017 lbs. Includes Outriggers



Operators Station

Single station curbside with manual crane and outrigger controls. Horn button on panel. Operated from the ground.

Standard Safety Equipment

Anti-Two-Block and Outrigger motion Alarms.

Electrical System

12 Volt


Parts, Service and Operators or Manuals or CD


12 months.

Minimum Chassis

26,000 GVWR

Minimum Chassis Frame

900,000 RBM

Mounting Bolts

Grade 8, 7/8" NF x 14, 120,000 psi.

Automatic Transmission

May require neutral lock-up to limit RPM of pump.

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