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Price: Starting at $129,900
- 8,920 lbs at 8ft Maximum Lifting Capacity
- 68ft Tip Height
- 4.5’ W x 6.5’ H x 16.2’ L Stowed Dimensions
- 11,070 lbs Weight (Unladen)
About the URW547
  • ​Less Than 54" Wide Compact Design
  • Dual Rubber Continuous Tracks
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • LMI-Overload Protection System With Display
  • Anti-Two Block System
  • Wireless Radio Remote Control
  • Proportional 7-Section Boom
  • 3-Position Outrigger Settings
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Over-winding Prevention Device and Alarm
  • Minimum Wire Rope Automatic Stop
  • Onboard Self-diagnostic Computer System
  • Centrally Located Infinitely Variable Controls
  • Hexagonal Boom Design
  • Hydraulic Circuit Pressure Relief Valve
Safety Features
  • ​Anti Two-Block System
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Outrigger Positioning and Boom Positioning Safety System with Display Monitor
  • Over-winding prevention device and alarm
  • Voice Messaging to alert operator if an unsafe operation is being performed
  • Minimum wire rope automatic stop
  • Working area limitation
  • Hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve
  • Load Moment Indication (LMI) with operators display and safety shut down
Engine/Power Options
  • ​Diesel
  • Diesel/Electric
  • Diesel/Battery Powered

Popular Optional Equipment Available

  • Auxiliary Winch Kit
  • Boom Tip Mounted Work Platform
  • Non-Marking Tracks
  • SPYDERWEB Glass Manipulator
  • Trailer & Accessory Kit
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