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While Smiley Lifting Solutions offers rentals Nationwide, for convenience we have opened strategic support centers across the US. In 2016 Smiley Lifting Solutions / SPYDERCRANE opened a support center in Colorado Springs, Colorado to provide Local SPYDERCRANE service to our Denver Area Customers.



SPYDERCRANES Now Available in the

Local Denver Area

Call 719-301-4092 for Pricing


Denver Boom Truck Rental

Boom Trucks Now Available in the

Local Denver Area

Call 719-301-4092 for Pricing

Smiley Lifting Solutions is proud to announce the opening of the newest Smiley Lifting Solutions / SPYDERCRANE Support Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From our Rental / Service center in Colorado Springs, Smiley Lifting Solutions can locally rent SPYDERCRANES and small boom trucks, saving our rental customers the cost of having a SPYDERCRANE mini-crawler shipped in.

When asked about the new Colorado location Tony Smiley, Owner of Smiley Lifting Solutions commented, "When we looked at the Denver market and the amount of calls we were getting for local SPYDERCRANE rentals, we knew opening a local support center was imperative."

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Give us a call for your SPYDERCRANE Rental today!

Local Denver Area 719-301-4092

*Hours of operation at this location vary - Please call for an appointment

Operated Boom Truck and SPYDERCRANE Rentals are available in the Denver Area. Call Smiley Crane Service at 719-354-2872 to schedule.


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