Never has setting glass or moving materials to a higher floor been easier. Utilize a MAVLift™ Elevator 500/1000 or MAVLift Elevator Robot Lift to lift materials or hang glazing cups as high as 24.5 feet. Basic MAVLift Elevator models offer either a mechanical crane or electric motor with remote control.

For those professionals looking for more automation, consider the MAVLift Elevator Robot. With many of the same features seen in the Indoor and Off-Road robots, the Elevator Robort offers precision controls. The lifting mast is unique because in addition to operating up and down, the mast tilts forward and backward. In addition, MAVLift Elevator Robot offers sideward movements to the right and left for precision control during delicate glass sets.

Generally used with a hook and vacuum system attached, the MAVLift Elevators can also be equipped with a load fork for lifting jobsite materials.

MAVLift Elevator Lifts