Becoming a leader in the Boom Truck industry, the Revolution 84RM Boom Truck is a big machine in a small package. Its state of the art boom design mounts on the rear of a single-axle truck, such as a Ford F-650, Kenworth, or Freightliner, to give its customers options and luxury like no other. Fully equipped, this Boom Truck weighs between 22,000 and 23,000 lbs., allowing up to 4,000 lbs. of payload capacity on the bed of the crane.

Because the unique design, this crane is mounted on a NON-CDL – smaller truck, offering the ability to maneuver into tighter places and an economic value that is second to none. This NON-CDL Boom Truck offers a tip height of up to 74 ft, and can lift up to 10,000lbs at a 7ft. radius. With the crane stowed for travel, the complete truck and crane measure as short as 25 ft., bumper to bumper. With an optional wireless radio remote control and work platform, the Revolution 84RM can turn into a man-lift in minutes. With all these features and versatility, it’s easy to see why this crane has been a welcome addition to many industries.

Revolution 84RM

MODEL Revolution 84RM (Non CDL Truck)
Max. Lifting Capacity 10,000 lbs at 7.0 ft
Tip Height 84 ft
Max. Working Radius 72.5 ft
Max. Boom Length 74 ft
Min. Boom Length 22.5 ft
Boom Sections 4
Boom Raising Angle Min. 1° to Max. 78°
Slewing Angle 360° Continuous
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