The UNIC UR-V500 Series Crane is the largest of our City Lift branded series. Mounted on a easily maneuverable truck, it is great for hauling materials and loading/unloading without the need for back breaking manual labor or a forklift on-site.

UNIC UR-V500 Series

Max. Lifting Capacity 10,000 lbs at 7.7 ft 10,000 lbs at 7.4 ft 8,000 lbs at 8.0 ft
Tip Height 47 ft 49 ft 62 ft
Max. Working Radius 34.8 ft 43.0 ft 50.7 ft
Max. Boom Length 35.6 ft 43.8 ft 51.5 ft
Min. Boom Length 11.7 ft 12.3 ft 12.9 ft
Boom Sections 4 5 6
Boom Raising Angle   Min. 1° to Max. 78°
Slewing Angle 360° Continuous
Catalog UR-V504 UR-V505 UR-V506